Blood Check

So today I went to get my blood texted for cholesterol levels. This is by far not
The first time I had blood drawn from me. When I was younger, I would get blood tests and ultrasounds because I was only born with one kidney. They’d check for impurities and growth defects. Anyway, because of that, I really don’t have any problems with needles. I just watched it and even videoed it. So I am now awaiting results to see if my diet and exercise has worked.

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Star Shot

I captured this on the 11th. Enjoy!


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ISS Flyover

Last night the ISS flew over St. Louis. I was able to capture some video on my phone.

Sadly I am having upload problems on my phone. I will post it soon.

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Coke Collection

A video showcasing my collection is linked below.

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I awoke this morning, after falling asleep to a simulated thunderstorm, to the real deal. It’s awful looking outside.

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Fun During Internet Outage


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As a computer nerd, I think I know everything when it comes to troubleshooting. Just last month, we switched over to AT&T Uverse for our Internet. I come home from school today to find that the Internet is down. Thinking I can solve the problem, I rebooted the system. That didn’t work. Then I unplugged all the cables…. That’s when trouble hit. We then lost our television. I had messed everything up. So I went through the main IP and thought changing the settings and such would work. (Just found out the cable was plugged in the wrong port…) so then we called tech support and we made the dumbest mistake… As stated above. Well I learned that you should never trust your instincts with technology.

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